Teach Active and Youth Sport Trust deliver hundreds of teacher workshops in regions all over the UK.

Teach Active and Youth Sport Trust are working in partnership to deliver Active Maths and English Workshops across the UK. The purpose of these high-quality, CPD workshops is to upskill teachers in the benefits of using physical activity to raise standards in Maths and English and provide them with practical ideas on how to achieve this.

Teach Active Workshops look at the evidence, research and UK-wide impact of active learning in Maths and English lessons. As part of the sessions, delegates will be introduced to Teach Active – a nationally praised and multi-award-winning resource which provides teachers with over 2000 lesson plans/resources on how to deliver the Maths and English curriculum through physical activity.

Below you will find a list of our upcoming workshops/events.

For individual whole-school training enquiries, please visit our Training page.

Up & Coming Events

Meet Our Tutors

Founder / Director

Jon Smedley

Jon Smedley is the Founder and Managing Director of Teach Active

Jon has over 20 years’ experience within education, as a senior leader, a Primary Advisor and PE consultant. He now works with schools across the UK, promoting the rationale and benefits of an active school day and focusing on how this can be achieved through active lessons and active teaching and learning strategies.

Jon’s passion comes not only from research but also from his own experiences as a teacher, both past and present, where he has used physical activity to engage pupils and use this as a catalyst to raising standards in other areas of the curriculum

Jon works for the national charity the Youth Sport Trust as a national tutor, completing research, writing materials and delivering CPD across the UK.

Regional Tutor

Bev Rose

National Tutor

Jill Wilkinson

Jill has enjoyed over 30 years of experience working within the Physical Education, Sport and Physical Activity environment. Following a career as a teacher, PE Specialist and SSCo, she is a nationally accredited PD tutor, currently self-employed as an Active Schools Consultant, supporting schools with Physical Activity, PE and Sport.

Jill works on behalf of Teach Active (Maths of the Day) and Create Development and is also part of the Youth Sport Trust National Faculty and Development Coach teams. Jill is passionate about the impact the subject can have on pupils’ learning across the whole curriculum and loves to support good teachers to become amazing teachers of PE as well as challenging schools to become Active Schools in the widest sense.

National Tutor

Emma Watkins

National Tutor

Lesley Minnervini

National Tutor

Kevin Barton

Kevin Barton was a teacher, subject leader and senior leader for over twenty years in schools throughout England.

He worked as a National Curriculum Adviser at the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, and as Head of Achievement at the Youth Sport Trust before starting his own education consultancy in 2016. He now works in the UK and internationally with partners including YST, British Council, Nike and Teach Active, supporting schools to use physical activity to improve pupil wellbeing, achievement and progress across the curriculum. He has seen for himself in his work across the world that active schools are happier, healthier, more productive places to teach and to learn.

National Tutor

Sarah Thorp

National Tutor

Matt Upston

Matt Upston is a Primary PE Consultant across the country.

Matt has over 22 years’ experience within Secondary and Primary education, as a class teacher, a Primary Advisor, University Tutor and PE consultant. He now works with schools to promote healthy active lifestyles in young people through physical education, competition and active lessons as well as delivering on Exeter Universities Primary PGCE.

Matt feels that primary schools are the starting blocks in teaching children about healthy active lives and believes that getting the curriculum correct at this stage is key for children to make good life choices both academically and with their health.

Matt works for himself in partnership with Exeter University, Babcock Education as well as the national charity the Youth Sport Trust as a senior tutor, supporting other tutors and delivering CPD across the UK.